Music connects people. It is often regarded as the language of the soul. Ashes & Heirs seeks to harness the energy of music with the power of God's word. They want to settle into dichotomy, the hard and beautiful realities of following Christ. They hope that their music expresses the deep truths found in scripture to encourage the Church. Most of these songs are birthed from their own personal worship to the Lord. They come from places where they wrestle with the Lord over what is happening in life and the truth of what He is speaking. 

Ashes & Heirs is a worship band led by husband-and-wife duo - Jonathan and Jennifer Blair. They are fully aware that they have nothing but dust and ashes to offer in light of the majesty of God. They know they have no merit in and of themselves. Christ alone takes the broken, redeems them from death, and makes them co-heirs in His kingdom. He uses the lowly, the weak and the nobodies to showcase the brilliance of His glory. Their goal is simply to give everything they have to point to Jesus. They believe God has given them these songs of worship, and their hope is that He will use them however He sees fit. 

The first album for Ashes & Heirs is hopefully one of many to come. 

They also want to make their music available for free to everyone. The heartbeat for this project is God's glory, not their own. They know they are simply sinners saved by grace, and desire to share that message with anyone who will listen.

They are ecstatic for album release December 2017.  Apart from this new venture, Jonathan serves full-time as the contemporary worship and college pastor at Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and Jennifer is a film photographer, but mostly a joyful mom of two beautiful girls . Together they are thankful for ministry and raising their sweet 3 year old daughter Eleanora Rose, and baby Genevieve Morgan born this past  June! 

If you'd like to get to know more about Jonathan & Jennifer in the meantime, find them on social media on the Ashes & Heirs accounts below